Aleksandar Stojković is a special counselor at Ilić | Stojković law firm.

His practice focuses primarily on all aspects of criminal and criminal procedure law (general and organized crime), misdemeanor proceedings and economic offences, human rights protection as well as civil, commercial and administrative representation and defenses, contracts and torts, family law, labor law, procurement law and proceedings.

Aleksandar has over 35 years of professional experience of practicing law in Serbia and the region.

Prior to becoming a qualified lawyer, Aleksandar was employed at the Public Prosecutor’s office, prosecuting and presenting cases in criminal trials against individuals accused of breaking the law. As of 1982, Aleksandar joined law office Stojković, which was founded in 1965 by his father who had started as a judge previous to becoming a lawyer.

Law office Stojković has over 50 years of practice dealing with a large number of complex and delicate criminal, commercial and civil cases, many of which were singlehandedly prepared by Aleksandar. In addition, Aleksandar constantly provides direct legal services, representations and defenses to certain number of unprotected, fragile and/or materially deprived individuals, through pro bono service – completely free of charge.

Despite extensive work in law office Stojković, in the period from 1990 – 1997 Aleksandar was officially engaged in activities of the Bar Associations that were adding value to overall position of all lawyers. Namely, he was the president of a local lawyers’ community, a member of the presidency of Niš Bar Association and a delegate of Serbian Bar Association. He won a number of awards and official recognitions, among which the following stand out: Award for long-lasting professional and diligent work in the legal profession as well as for exceptional contribution to the reputation of Niš Bar Association (2003) and Award for long-lasting honorable and successful work in legal profession that contributed to the reputation of Serbian Bar Chamber (2007).