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Arriving and staying in Serbia may trigger a number of legal, tax and reporting duties.

Consequently, it is important for each foreign person and worker in Serbia (including secondment to a local company) to observe local rules and regulations, specifically those that pertain to the following:

  • registration of a foreign citizen upon arrival (white card);
  • obtaining of a residence permit (temporary or permanent);
  • obtaining a work permit;
  • taxation and rates that apply to foreign citizens in case of employment or secondment in Serbia (income tax, wage tax,, annual personal income tax, contributions for compulsory social insurance, etc.).

To meet these perplexed legislative requirements, Ilić | Stojković law firm may counsel individuals on all legal, tax and practical aspects of international mobility implications in order to ensure compliance and provide legal security for employees and their needs and interests.

As a result, individuals avoid non-compliance issues and penalties, fully enjoying their hard earned salaries and bonuses.

Working with Ilić | Stojković professionals will ensure that foreign employees are compliant and their tax and legal interests entirely protected, without losing sight of their employer’s overall business objectives.


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