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Consumer protection & unfair business practices

While many companies abide by the rules and regulations, therefore, giving their customers fair treatment, there are still some that do not. To that end, when a company takes part in fraudulent activity or unfair business practices, it can do great deal of damage to individuals.

Perhaps you are being mistreated about a debt, provision of financial services, paid hidden fees, ungrounded charges or you purchased a product that does not work, or ordered a service that was not fulfilled as intended. Or even the holiday and arrangements you purchased were misrepresented and that likely affected the enjoyment of your holiday.

Besides, there are other conducts that fall under the unfair business practices, such as product misrepresentations or omissions, defective products, failure to provide a warranty, failure to honor the terms of warranty, debt collection and other failures to respect financial services consumers’ rights, etc.

Since consumer protection area is strictly regulated by laws, contracts that companies conclude with their customers, next to their genuine fulfillment, must include a number of compulsory provisions, including rules governing liability for acts and omissions which occur in respect of sold products and rendered services.

If you feel you have been mistreated in any way by a company, Ilić | Stojković law firm is dedicated to ensuring your rights are protected. Dealing with both individual lawsuits as well as class actions in an effort to keep businesses frank and honest, we shall make sure you receive fair treatment under the law.


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